The commitment to safety by our employees is the essence of Airborne Logistics’ service to our customers.

Airborne Logistics’ Safety Management System includes all aspects of flight safety, maintenance, fire prevention, industrial safety, safe defensive driving, hazardous material safety and security.  We support all requirements of law regarding safety, and strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace and operating environment for employees and clients.

Our objective is to proactively manage identifiable risks and to eliminate or reduce all accidentally caused injury to personnel and damage to property/cargo.  We achieve this through ongoing analysis of our operational hazards and systematic review of our policies and procedures to mitigate risk.  This proactive risk management approach to safety allows us to identify potential hazards and modify our approach before an incident occurs.

Airborne Logistics’ safety culture is promoted through responsibility and accountability at all levels within the organization. We are committed to continuous improvement of our Safety Management System through the implementation of industry best practices and through regular, comprehensive internal and 3rd party audits.

As testimony to the importance our company put on its management systems, Airborne Logistics are ISO9001:2008 certified in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. We welcome all client audits and invite you to come and witness our operations.

Safety is not what we do. Safely is how we do it.

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