Airborne Logistics helicopter & aerial transport services provide support for remote oil, gas, mining and industrial sites throughout Papua New Guinea.

Timing and efficiency are of vital importance to organisations involved in natural resource exploration and extraction. At Airborne Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a personalised service that includes an infrastructure and support network designed to complete your project safely and timely. Our crews are experienced in remote, high production operations and we will provide you with an aircraft that offers not only convenience and value, but also a calculated safety margin.

The high performance member of the Airborne family, the B3e outclasses other light single engine helicopters for performance, versatility and safety and is currently the only one of its kind in PNG. It excels in hot conditions and at high altitudes and is capable of lifting a 1 tonne cargo-swing load to 5000ft making it perfect for the remote, rugged PNG environment, logistic services, slinging heavy loads and rig moves.

Our helicopter solutions cover a wide range of possibilities, and include:

  • Drill Moves & Support
  • Staking
  • Sediment Sampling
  • Bird Towing
  • Crew & Camp Moves
  • Long Line Construction
  • Pipeline Construction & Patrol
  • Well Site Servicing
  • Chart Changes
  • Environmental & Wildlife Surveys

Our operations team will assist with general management, technical info, logistics, flight tracking, topography and weather. Airborne has access to a variety of fixed wing aircraft to complement your requirements.

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