Time forgot much of Papua New Guinea, or PNG, an isolated and incredibly rugged Garden of Eden. Located in the South Pacific north of Australia, PNG includes the eastern half of the world’s second biggest island, New Guinea, and about 600 small islands. For indigenous cultures in secluded villages, life pretty much goes on as it has for centuries.

Papua New Guinea has been selected as one of 21 must-see destinations by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine, joining the coveted ‘Best of the World’ list alongside other well-known tourist destinations like the United States and Spain. One of the world’s most read travel magazines – National Geographic’s inclusion of PNG is a big step for the nation’s growing tourism industry. Chief executive officer of the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, Jerry Agus, says PNG’s diverse and unique culture warrants its inclusion on the list.

Airborne Logistics PNG offers helicopter tours of Port Moresby and the Papua New Guinea regions including Kokoda Track & Milne Bay. Enquire now to get a customised tour itinerary.

The village of Isurava was the site of one of several desperate battles fought by Australian troops during their retreat along the Kokoda Trail. The Isurava Memorial was constructed in remembrance of all those Australians and Papua New Guineans who fought and those who died on the Kokoda Track in 1942.

This is a private helicopter tour with around 1 hour and 15 minutes flight time (2hours total) that takes off from Port Moresby, takes you over to the Isurava Memorial flying past some spectacular landscape and waterfalls. You will have about 30 minutes on the ground in the village of Isurava to experience the Isurava Memorial before we follow the track back up past Templetons crossing, over Myola, and then weave our way back to Owers Corner flying past the remote Mt Koiari villages. From Owers Corner we follow the steep cliffs of the Madu Adu range back into Port Moresby. We can take up to 5 people on this trip and flights are completed early in the morning for the best views and weather.

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A unique opportunity to experience the way of life in remote PNG communities along the Kokoda Track, this helicopter tour offers a flight from Port Moresby to one of the 13 villages we provide services to along the Kokoda Track. The total flight time is about 35-40 minutes, and you will get around 1-2 hours on the ground to be guided around and explore a village before returning to Port Moresby. This flight is only available on days we have scheduled service flights to the villages (presently Monday and Thursday) and actual time in the village varies depending on scheduling requirements.

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A combination of the Isurava Scenic and the Village Experience. This helicopter tour will take you to Isurava to visit the memorial, see the spectacular landscape and waterfalls along the way, and have time exploring the village to experience life in remote PNG. Total trip time is 3-4 hours (varies depending on schedules) with about 1 hour 30 minutes flight time. We can take up to 5 people on this trip and flights are completed early in the morning for the best views and weather.

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At the eastern extreme of mainland PNG, the Owen Stanley Range plunges into the sea, and islands are spread across the ocean for hundreds of kilometres.

This is the start of the Pacific proper – tiny atolls, coral reefs, volcanic islands, swaying palms, white sandy beaches and friendly locals. More than 435 islands give the province 2120km of coastline, connected by a myriad banana boats for want of better infrastructure.

To many Australians, Milne Bay is synonymous with the 1942 WWII battles fought here between Japanese and Australian forces and a few war relics remain scattered about.

Tailor made tours are available upon request for Milne Bay, encompassing Alotau and the Conflict Islands.

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Nestled between the dusty hills and the deep blue sea, Port Moresby is a spread-out collection of neighbourhoods – from modern office buildings in town with a ritzy marina full of yachts, to squatter shantytowns with no electricity or running water that cling to the hillsides.

Port Moresby is home to a jumble of ethnicities including Melanesian, Papuan, Micronesian and Polynesian, but was once the land of just 2 native tribes – the Motu and Koitabu.

You can still catch a glimpse of traditional Motuan village life at Hanuabada where stilt houses sit precariously over the sea.

Whether you’re just visiting, here on business or an established expat, we can facilitate trips to some of the best beaches and fishing spots in under half hour.

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