Airborne Logistics PNG operates a fleet of high performing, versatile & safe helicopters & fixed wing aircraft that excel in the rugged, remote environment of Papua New Guinea.


The Airbus H125 “Squirrel” (Previously Eurocopter AS350) is a multi-mission workhorse. Adaptable and versatile with its functional cabin, boasting a flat floor which quickly and easily can be reconfigured for various requirements, including internal cargo carrying, passenger transport, medivac or precision long line operations.

The Squirrel is a serious performer in PNG’s harsh mountainous environments, this helicopter exceeds expectations whilst routinely operated in some of the world’s most challenging environments. On May 14, 2005 a squirrel set the world record for highest helicopter landing at the summit of Mt. Everest at 8,848m or 29,035 ft.

With its functionality, extraordinary manoeuvrability, fast cruise speed, exceptional visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, the Squirrel has earned its standing as the favoured multi-mission workhorse. The aforementioned attributes make this platform the preferred choice for helicopter operators world-wide.

The AS350 is built by Airbus in France. The B3e is the most capable aircraft in its class holding records for altitude performance, external load capability and speed. Its performance ability makes it more cost effective per Kilo than its competition, the Bell 407 and even than some twin aircraft, such as the BK117.  It is fitted with a Turbomecca 2D engine producing 847 shaft horsepower and providing excellent altitude performance.

Passenger Seats 5
Internal Payload (1hr fuel @ MSL) 700 kg
External Payload (1hr fuel @ MSL) 1000 kg
Max External Payload 1100 kg
Fuel Endurance 2.5 hours
Cruise Speed 120 kts
Typical Range 312 nm
Fuel Burn 190 lph

There are a number of variants of the AS350 aircraft, with Airborne Logistics operating the AS350B2 variety with an American built engine, the Honeywell LTS 101, fitted. With this conversion the aircraft is referred to as the Super D2. The 700-horse power engine provides good fuel economy with excellent performance and lifting ability from sea level to altitude.

Passenger Seats 5
Internal Payload (1hr fuel @ MSL) 570 kg
External Payload (1hr fuel @ MSL) 750 kg
Max External Payload 950 kg
Fuel Endurance 2.5 hours
Cruise Speed 115 kts
Typical Range 300 nm
Fuel Burn 170 lph

Fixed wing aircraft

Operated by Pacific Jets, the KingAir B200 is a twin turbo prop aircraft. A great all weather aircraft for day or night flights with a cruising altitude of up 35000 feet and cruising speed of 240kts. The KingAir can carry 1000kg of cargo anywhere in Papua New Guinea or 7 passengers plus baggage in corporate configuration making it ideal for general charter flights from Port Moresby or moving freight.

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