Our vision is developed with one key focus, to become the airline of the people. We’re the first and only company operating in Port Moresby with a focus on the people and servicing remote communities. We have been providing transport for people and goods to Goilala, Mt Koari, and Rigo districts in Central province over the past three years and extended the services into Kerema Hinterlands and Gulf Province in 2017.

We have an innovative approach to the way in which remote communities receive transportation of dry goods, people and produce between the village and major cities, and are working closely with Regional, Provincial and Local Level Governments and the villagers themselves to constantly improve the services and provide opportunity for them to develop trade and business directly in the community. In conjunction with our sister company, Village Produce PNG, we have developed commercial nurseries and farms in a number of villages, and have created markets around Port Moresby to sell the produce the people provide.

At present, three regions, and 39 villages receive door to door service that is not only affordable, but reliable and allows transport of approximately 5 tons of produce to Port Moresby and allows movement of over 150 people weekly. The produce transport alone generates a substantial amount of income to the villagers. We have, and continue to work closely with Kokoda Initiative, Australian High Commission, Kokoda Track Foundation and a number of other aid programs to ensure that their programs are delivered in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Additionally, urgent medivac services and non-critical medical transport is routinely undertaken and available at short notice. Many medivacs have occurred from the Kokoda Track itself, inclusive of injured trekkers and valued local porters bitten by highly venomous snakes.

“Over 40 per cent of the population remain poor and face hardship and 80 to 85 per cent of Papua New Guinean’s reside in traditional rural communities. The development challenges for children and youth in PNG are stark: an estimated 40 per cent of children are stunted, one in five children are not enrolled in school and nearly half the population is under the age of 20. Family and sexual violence is endemic, with some of the highest rates of violence against women and children in the world. It is also estimated around 15 per cent of the population have some form of disability.” DFAT

Foreign aid is merely one tool for economic development. Recent evidence confirms that development aid, when properly designed and delivered, works, saving the lives of the poor and helping to promote economic growth. Our goals are shared by many other organisations working to improve lives. We’re all in this together. Look less at the numbers and focus on the outcomes.

“Airborne Logistics Operations Manager Doug Allgood never planned to make small villages in the Kokoda track region a part of his business but when bad weather forced him into a remote area on the track, he discovered true village hospitality. The relationships he built through this has led Airborne Logistics to use spare helicopter capacity to help 39 villages in the fertile region bring five tonnes of fruit and vegetables to market in Port Moresby each week. So the service helps unlock the economic potential of the region, bringing benefits to hundreds of families.”

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“Airborne Logistics, you are true champion of people of Goilala and Koiari. Importantly you are making a big differences in their lives. Earning a Kina in those part of the country would mean so much where a child could have clothes/uniforms to go to school, a basic hygienic needs like soap etc. can be afforded and many others. I have read and heard much about the good things you are doing. Keep this good job up.”

FB User - Ibini Baro

“Airborne Logistics is providing services that surpasses its business interest and its more involved in helping humanity especially our rural people. Hats off Airborne Logistics !!”

FB User - Ovex Jamaika

“Hats off to air logistics…the service they deliver to rural area is a missionary service…”

FB User - Samson Nilkare

“Ouka Nao, a community chief in Daoi village said that their church offerings and tithes monetarily have improved since ALPNG has brought in flights and produce services by providing local market has made life so much easier for them as never before. They can now afford important basic needs such as cooking oil, salt and soap more regularly. This is true for all other villages that ALPNG services in Mt Koiari.”

Holan Mado , KTDLA

“The guys from Manari 2 (Loni) and Jack Gatoi (KTDLA farmer) say: There is no need to now walk the Track if they/he have/has now a better option of farming high value commercial crops which in turn can generate school fees for their children in primary and high school. Jack has 3 sons, one in Mt Diamond whose tuition fee is abt 3,000 pgk this yr, and two in primary at abt k500 totalling abt 3,500pgk he will have to work the farms to meet, which he could not get from tracking or by any other means as chances to do those are less likely”

Holan Mado, KTDLA
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