Airborne Logistics PNG aims to provide Papua New Guinea with safe, innovative and cost effective aviation solutions.

Founded by its parent company, Helicopter Support of the Solomon Islands, in 2012  Airborne Logistics began with one Airbus AS350SD2 “Squirrel” helicopter. This quickly proved popular with our clients as a capable and efficient aircraft with good payload, endurance and range. In 2014 a second aircraft, also an AS350SD2 “Squirrel”, was added to the fleet to allow better service and availability to clients. An Airbus AS350B3e, the most capable aircraft in its class with record setting performance for altitude and lifting capability was imported in early 2016 to further enhance the capability of our fleet and service we can offer to our clients.

Airborne Logistics head office is located at Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby. The aircraft operate throughout all of PNG and have recently taken part in a range of projects in Manus, New Ireland, New Britain, Milne Bay, Western Province, Highlands and the Gulf region. Airborne Logistics PNG have the solution to all your aviation requirements including general charter, aerial survey & aerial sling. Read more about our helicopter & fixed wing services…


“Where the road ends, we begin. The airline of the people”

We strive to fulfil our promise, setting the standards for helicopter excellence in PNG. We aim to exceed our client’s requirements and endeavour to endlessly improve our services, growing and succeeding together…soaring above the opposition.


“To provide safe, innovative and cost effective aviation solutions to the people of PNG”

We deliver a safe and professional helicopter service of the utmost quality. We remain favoured by clients as we continue to diversify our service offering and develop our skilled workforce. We value a culture of openness and respect.


Safety will not be compromised. We take safety seriously and ensure that this is fed to all staff from management. Put simply, if it is not safe, we won’t do it.

We do things differently to other operators, particularly in our approach to pricing and delivery of service. Our clients receive affordable and efficient logistical solutions through continued dedication and commitment to resolving our client’s challenges.

What we say we do, we do. The performance capability we quote is realistic for each task and not “perfect condition” figures that are unlikely to be achieved. We provide access to spider tracks satellite tracking, copies of flight records, and welcome audits of our operations by our clients to ensure compliance with client requirements and with the regulations.  Keeping our word is the core of integrity.

We provide appropriate aircraft for each individual task to maximize value for money and minimise time wastage. The AS350B3e is class leading and outperforms all aircraft in its class as well as some larger aircraft types.

It is important to us that we work with our client’s as a partner to help achieve the best outcome for the given task. We are flexible and understanding, recognising that success and transformation are only achieved through diligent working relationships.

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